PS underground
敦化南路一段187巷37號B1 (B1, No. 37, Lane 187, Sec. 1, Dun-Hua South Road)
開放時間:13:00~22:30 02-2777 2 758
作   品:切片 Taking of photographic framing
媒   材:綜合媒材 Mixed Media
藝術家:鍾順達 Chung Shung-Ta



PS: Underground has been established for over ten years, and has brought in many products by new Japanese designers and latest trendy lines. The space is designed with the undisplay concept in mind with layouts that are ambiguous, and utilizes many found materials, such as old wood, glass, iron, plastic faux wood bricks, cement paint blocks to depict a feeling of an underground cavern. Amidst the luxury and decadence, the brightness and dimness, the strong contrasts bring about an aesthetic concept that is of the fusion from the new and the old.

From observing the composites of various rectangular mirrors in the space, Chung Shung-Ta's work allows for each small space to develop with different style and individuality. When people are trying on clothes and standing in front of the mirror, the rectangular space seems to be guiding the person into an alternative space. The oblong forms that the artwork produces along with the rectangular mirror, the real space and the surreal space allow for a great deal of imagination and interaction. The artwork, Taking of Photographic Framing, resembles the moment when a photo is being taken, and the camera captures not the reflection of the light, but the extensions of the thin frames in the space. Through the shutter of the camera, the space is being sliced, and the frames from the camera through the visual perspective that it holds towards the space create thin frames that are projected into the real space. The compressed flat space inside the camera is revealed to be able to show the different perspectives the machine eye and the human eye hold towards the world.