Soul Food
敦化南路一段161巷18號1樓 (1F, No. 18, Lane 161, Sec. 1, Dun-Hua South Road)
Mon-Thu:12:00-23:00 Fri-Sun:12:00-24:00 02-2731 6 522
作   品:空招牌 Emptysigns
媒   材:綜合媒材 Mixed media
藝術家:安東尼•盧恩斯曼 Anthony Luensman

美食、音樂以及藝術文化是享受人生的基本要素, Soul Food將三者融合,讓每個人可以在這舒適的空間裡盡情享樂。

安東尼.盧恩斯曼的作品結合他對特殊材質的愛好以及對聲音、電子裝置、錄像或動力等之興趣,將展覽空間轉化成舞台場景或可讓觀眾進入並與之產生互動的場域。盧恩斯曼由台北空招牌所透露的意象,發現大多數城市裡,大量擴散卻被人漠視的招牌,流洩出豐沛情感和城市相貌。本作品以 Soul Food的店家名稱為發想,進入這個空間令他想起美國南方的靈魂爵士樂曲風,而首推的知名女伶比莉哈樂黛 Billie Holiday 在表演時通常會在髮髻別上典雅的梔子花,而梔子花又恰是來自他在故鄉所熟悉的植物,他以此為藍圖,展現出抽象又具意象的梔子花空招牌,在巷弄中綻放出優雅的微光,來吻合他對台北東區巷弄和故鄉的時空與場域。

The cultures of gourmet cuisines, music and art are the fundamental elements to a pleasurable life. Soul Food has fused together the three elements to allow each person to indulge unreservedly in a comfortable space

Anthony Lensman's work combines his passion for unique materials and his interests for sounds, electronic device, video and mobility. The exhibition space is transformed into a stage that allows the public to interact with the setting. Lensman takes from the empty signs in Taipei and discovers that in many urban cities, signs are overly prevalent yet seldom do they catch the attention of people, and the works created from this observation is rich in emotions. The artwork on exhibit derives from the name of the restaurant, Soul Food, which leads the artist to think of Southern American Soul Jazz, in particular, the gardenia that jazz diva, Billie Holiday, often wore in her hair. Gardenia happens to be a familiar flower from his hometown; therefore, he has used this as a blueprint to create an empty sign of gardenia that is abstract and meaningful, and the sign emits off an elegant glow inside the alleyway.