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作   品:猴囝 NAUGHTY
媒   材:壓克力、畫布 Acrylic, Canvas
藝術家:周珠旺Chou Chu-Wang





LEFTFOOT is a store that specializes in unique and limited shoes. The name of the store comes from the kung-fu megastar, Bruce Lee, because he always attacks by first kicking his left foot, and hence, the left foot has become an everlasting sign for the legend. Just like every legend has its origin, every city also has its beginning, and each person is also able to create a different story, where children seem to always be the starting point for each story.

“There is a devil that lives in the heart of each child, and this devil is always waiting quietly.”

Do you still remember what you were like as a child?
Children are like loveable LEGO, he or she can be formed into the ideal shape you desire, but when you are not watching, what is he or she like? Underneath the sugar coated innocence, children are often naughty and a little devilish. They definitely need adult’s companionship through out their growth, and especially in this age of high speed information accessibility, family and education are certainly very important factors for a child's spiritual growth.