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作   品:建築包 A Building Bag 中介空間 In-between Space
媒   材:描圖紙、線、石頭、影像輸出、墨、樹脂、零件
            Tracing paper, thread, stone, color print-out, ink, resin, found object
藝術家:康雅筑 Kang Ya-Chu

一說到背袋,相信內行人馬上會聯想起GREGORY的品牌。創辦人 Wayne Gregory過去曾是世界級的登山家,因此經過他日積月累的經驗下所設計出來的背袋,大多採用了平行背負的肩背型設計,和W型針法所縫製的。細緻的設計也是它之所以會深受玩家們接受的一大理由,同時以機能性與耐久性著稱。


GREGORY is a backpack brand that any expert would vouch for. The founder, Wayne Gregory, was once a world-class mountain climber, and the experiences that he has gained from his climbing days led to the design of his bags. Most of them use the parallel backpack design with W-shape stitching. The delicate design, functionality and durability are some of the reasons that the bags are preferred by climbers.

Kang Ya-Chu continues from his past works with emphasis on people's relationship with the environment, and presents memory in a way that is subtle in its visibility. The alleyways in the East District are the starting points that lead to enclosed spaces, but her artworks use the bags as a symbol in a semi clandestine voyeuristic situation by installing them in this fast paced consumer space. Her intents are for the public to wander in and out of time and space, and the openings to the bags leak out tracks of history, and by opening up the past, the semi transparent papers allow the forgotten yet important past to be recalled again. Hidden inside the store, the formation carries with it the abstracted temperature and thoughts on history in this ever moving social space.