Secret Service
敦化南路一段161巷16號1樓 (1F, No. 16, Lane 161, Sec. 1, Dun-Hua South Road)
Mon-Thu:13:30-21:30 Fri-Sun:14:00-22:00 02-2751 0 106
作   品:Clothed. Space. Time計畫—Air (Clothed. Space. Time Project—Air)
            White Collar計畫 (White Collar Project) 綜合媒材 Mixed media
媒   材:綜合媒材 Mixed Media
藝術家:陳宏瑋 Chen Hon-Wei

Secret Service創立原意來自美國中情局情報單位,喻意是以收集和傳達各國最新流行資訊為主軸,將世界各國新銳流行情報引進台灣。除了服飾之外,此空間亦不定時展覽各類設計與文化創意。展覽期間特別推出Secret Service與粉樂町合作的限量購物袋,並將營收所得(扣除成本)全數捐贈公益團體,藉此鼓勵消費者在擁抱藝術活動時亦能為關懷社會盡一分心力。


The original concept of Secret Service comes from the American CIA, and their intention is to collect and pass on the latest global fashion information and to bring in the newest international trends to Taiwan. Besides clothing, the space often puts on different design and creative exhibitions. During the exhibition period, Secret Service has launched a limited edition bag in conjunction with Very Fun Park, and the profits will be used to donate to charitable groups in hopes to encourage consumers to embrace art and at the same time care about our community.

Clothing starts off as objects to cover the body, and this work proposes for us to rethink about the functionality of clothes. In today's world, are people still wearing clothes just to cover the body? The artist challenges the many elements that constructs a piece of garment, and uses natural conditions to define the meaning of clothing. In the work, besides the structure of units, time and space are also related elements. The passing of time and the changes in space are producing new perspectives. The video work also portrays the office workers that are being compressed by the forces in society, and the white collar class is gaining more pockets that contain more tools for survival; however, at the same time, these changes are also bring on pressure that is destructive. The sprouting neckties symbolize a new life, and in a singular growing environment, it also represents a new birth of social status.