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作 品:複合體 complex
媒 材:大理石 Marble Stone
藝術家:侯連秦 Hou Lien-Chin

源自於台灣的自創品牌YVONNE COLLECTION創立於西元1984年,主要商品為傢飾、床組及家居服,純棉針織的材質給人無比舒適的使用感。


The Taiwan based Yvonne Collection was founded in 1984, and its main products are home decorations, bed linens and household casual wares. The selected cotton knits provide a sense of comfort that is unmatchable.

Hou Lien-Chin's sculpture utilizes hard marbles and chisels out a fluidity and softness on them, and each piece seems to be an individual life form that is elegant and genuine. The fusion of the soft with the hard provides an interesting amusement for the observers. Each piece is iconic, and the artist proposes that everything has a duality to it; for example, the ten crossed fingers, kissing, zipper, puzzle, gearwheel, ripples in a flower, ruffles in a moving skirt tail, patters in running water, corals, etc…These what appear to be totally different things hold various functions, such as decorative, interdependence, connection, and growth. The connectedness that is extracted from these things produce an icon that is used to depict the fusion in life, and welcomes the observers to use their imaginations freely.