台北市忠孝敦路四段147巷10號2樓(No. 10, Alley 147, 2nd Fl, Zhong-Xiao East Rd., Sec 4)
營業時間:星期一14:00~2200、星期二-星期日 12:30-22:00 02-2741 4 899
作   品:聖台妹:檳榔天使+墮落天使之ㄤ阿標(Mix版)
            Saint Tai-girls: Aun-A-Piao of Betel Nut Angel+Fallen Angel (Mix)
媒   材:油彩、噴漆、麻布、木板、壓克力箱、燈管、飛霓虹燈管、電線
            paint, spray paint, linen, wooden board, acrylic box, light tube, neo-light tube, cable wire
藝術家:林慶芳 Lin Taifong


HOT DOG TOYZ是一間潮流玩具店。店內有各式各樣的扭蛋與公仔玩具,吸引著年輕族群的目光,讓人挖掘起隱藏於內的純真童心,並在忙碌生活中滿足心靈慰藉。玩具,一直是伴隨成長的好伙伴,也是大家共通的記憶;即便長大,仍舊逃離不了這股魔力。



This is a position swapping interaction that crosses time and space.
HOT DOG TOYZ is a trend-setting toy store. One will find inside the store all sorts of capsule toys and figurines that attract young people's attention and tend to dig up the child buried inside everyone. Amongst the bustling modern life, a spiritual comfort is also granted with a sense of satisfaction. Toy has always been a good accompaniment for a child, and also carries a mutual memory for everyone. Even after growing up, one still can not escape from its magic.

Betelnut beauty is a specialty that belongs to Taiwan's local scene, and artist, Lin Taifong, has focused on this phenomenon and relates it to the issue of localized self-identification of the younger generation. Through the combination of betelnut beauty and retro game cards, Lin's work shows a return to the reality with a genuine approach. When the local retro game cards are fused with the latest international figurines, the two clashed cultures with a touch of nostalgia create a humorous and fascinating enjoyment to the work presented.

The restricted spirit and soul hold an anxiety towards the surrounding,
but at the same time yearn for the pursuit of the latest movement in trend.
Life goes on trying to release the unsatisfied trivial desire,
and the more dissatisfaction felt, the more intense the shameful pain is.
However, one can not help but to fall in love with this self-destructing thrill.
Please handle me with great care, because I am very fragile.