Pure Yoga
忠孝東路四段151號 (No. 151, Sec. 4, Zhong-Xiao East Road)
營業時間:6:00-22:00 02-8161 7 888
作   品:PURE開了一朵花 A Flower Blooms in Pure
媒   材:布、絲襪、棉花 Fabric, Stockings, Cotton
藝術家:黃美惠 Huang Mei-Huei




Yoga has become a chic relaxation activity for the city dwellers, and this trend indirectly conveys that in the bustling urban life, people are beginning to pay more attention to their living environment and the balance for their body and spirit. East District is a core zone for people of Taipei's daily activities, and the yoga center that is situated in this area awakens the inner spiritual yearnings inside the bypassing busy pedestrians to return back to nature.

Huang Mei-Huei uses soft cotton to create an organic form that is bouncy and absorbent, and she intents to attract people's attention to reach out and touch. With a beautiful combination of the human body and spirit, the artist places a natural form inside the city, and through the lightness that is full of life and infused with resilience, an energy that seems to be extending from within emits a vibrant vitality that projects a satisfying wellbeing that is similar to the feeling one gets after exercising, when the blood cells are pumped with oxygen.