Giordano Concepts
忠孝東路四段175-1號 (No. 175-1, Sec. 4, Zhong-Xiao East Road)
營業時間:11:00-22:00 02-8771 8 873
作   品:花花 Flowery Flowers
媒   材:拼貼、數位輸出 Collages, Digital Print-Outs
藝術家:劉時棟 Liu Shih-Tung

在現代社會中,服飾除了基本的保護與取暖功能外,還象徵人們生活的態度與選擇。2007年甫成立的Giordano Concepts,以中性的城市休閒風,讓都市人能由自我個性為主軸,隨選生活的節奏與個性,以最自在的方式迎接每一天。


In the modern society, clothing has become more than just a basic cover-up and a source of warmth; it has also become a representation of people’s attitudes and choices about life. Giordano Concepts was established in 2007, and its style is neutral urban casual that is free and personalized. The wearer can move with the rhythms and personalities of life, and will be able to approach everyday with the most liberating manner.

Artist, Liu Shih Tung, uses Collages to fill this urban clothing store with vibrant and joyful colors. Different kinds of flowers, such as flowery eyes, flowery smiles, bring different vibes to the place, and the flowers are ready to greet each customer that visits the store. Upon entering the vivid flowery space, it’s as if one has entered into a dreamy jungle, and not only will the customers be putting on beautiful clothes, they will also be putting on happy moods. Hidden in the mundane objects are surprises waiting to be discovered, and for each ordinary life, endless possibilities are always present.