敦化南路一段187巷37號 (No. 37, Lane 187, Sec. 1, Dun-Hua South Road)
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作   品:我愛仙人掌 I love cactus
媒   材:圖釘 Thumbtacks
藝術家:陳浚豪 Chen Jun-Hau



這次,陳浚豪再度操作圖釘,從過往的平面作品邁向立體造型嘗試,以不斷堆疊的複數性組合,累積成沙漠中迷幻炫目的仙人掌群,運用圖釘光感呈現出海市蜃樓般的視覺暫留感,製造出另類的視覺經驗。 而鮮豔彩繪的潮流T-shirt,於此成為都市旅洲中,令人炫目的沙漠花朵。

Grainph is a Tokyo based artistic t-shirt shop. It sells styles, designs, life attitudes, and above all, it puts strong emphasis on originality for the spirit of its brand. Since the beginning, Grainph has called out to artists of various backgrounds in all nationalities, genders, age and experiences, and they come together to design a plethora of minimalistic, individualistic, and also wearable products. Upholding strong faith in art and creativity, Grainph is building a group of faithful followers in the Taipei East District.

Chen Jun-Hau specializes in using industrial mass produced push pins as the medium for his installation works. The structures are put together with dots, lines, surfaces, and masses, and through the inspecting perspectives and optical concepts in the transformation of brightness and darkness, the observer can experience a visual transformation with the changing light waves. The experience provides a poetic philosophical contemplation, and the focal point transfixes and is also powerfully attracted by the work.

For the project this time, Chen once again uses push pins, and attempts to develop a three dimensional work from his past two dimensional work. By layering and using multiple combinations, a hypnotizing group of cacti seems to have emerged from the illusive desert, and the shimmer from the push pins gives a mirage-like temporary optical illusion, and an alternative visual experience is presented.