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作   品:螢光夜色 Neon Nightfall
媒   材:綜合媒材 Mixed media
藝術家:黃沛瀅 Huang Pei-Ying




Tapas is the name for a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine that is unique to its bar and bistro culture. In the 1930's, during the rise of the industrial age, dinning habits also were undergoing revolutions, and people began to demand efficient snacks that could be readily available in order to suit the extended working hours. At the same time, many homemakers also started to enter into the working fields, and some have gone to work in dinners or bistros, and hence, tapas also resemble touches of household cooking. Some also say that tapas are the miniature versions of different Spanish cuisines.

Huang Pei-Ying's creative themes are also tightly knit to experiences in life, and depict not only observations about the real world, but also a representation of the various imaginative worlds in her mind. Creative skills and different media are used to accommodate her interests in trying out new possibilities, and examples of some of the materials utilized are corrugated papers, insulation tubes, or bamboo poles. The materials are layered to create sculptures that are soft, and a brand new sensual experience is created in a world that comes from the artist's imagination.

For this project, Huang once again uses unique creative lexicons to combine with her personal experiences, and from the games and experiments conducted, large groups of floating organs can still be seen, but this time, she attempts to use neon light tubes for the first time as the medium. Together with the intertwining structures and her familiar bright red tone, life’s vitality is expressed with a bold visual imagery, and the majestic scenery formed creates a creative space with an unusual ambiance.



釋放的情愫 蔓延

熱戀的 纏綿
青澀的 曖昧
冷冽的 深刻
寧靜的 遙遠


《 Neon Nightfall 》

The long endless city jungle is of a cavernous blue
A decadence that is indolent

Wandering in the air
the thick breathes intertwine layers on top of layers
Heartfelt feelings are being emitted being extended

Languishing Passion
Un-ripened Ambiguity
Wintry Profoundness
Serene Distance

I use lines of neon
to sketch on the nightfall sky
the unfathomable and untamed inner
nightfall inside of people’s hearts