POP Mart
敦化南路一段161巷16號1樓 (1F, No. 16, Lane 161, Sec. 1, Dun-Hua South Road)
Mon-Thu:13:30-21:30 Fri-Sun:14:00-22:00 02-2751 0 106
作   品:課程單元一與二 Lesson #1 and Lesson #2
媒   材:錄像 Video
作 品:當飛機墜落時,船正在擱淺 the aircraft was falling while the ship was grounded
媒   材:綜合媒材 Mixed media
藝術家:王馨儀Wang Shin-Yi



The trend-setting clothing store, POPMART, takes on the disguise of a super market, and the intend is to treat the original brands that domestic and international up-coming designers co-created as fresh produces. While the consumers shop, they can see that the products are categorized according to their nutritional values.

With an approach that utilizes borrowed and derived characters, Wang Shin-Yi uses nearly absurd visual lexicons to depict dazed reality about mundane things that she has focused on in life. In the work, the protagonists are all wearing large t-shirts and attempting to complete a task. From the preconceived limitation of the body and the choice of the materials used for the props, the failing plots seem to take place naturally. If life could be simplified into a single task, the apprehension and anxiety felt in the process are narrated in these two videos. The large paper airplanes and boats with apparent folded marks are scattered in an inappropriate setting, and they are trying to show that after the phase of observation from ashore and upon the return from a long journey, the person is ready to honestly face the childhood dream, and still finds it to be full of great dynamics. These depictions show the artist experiencing life in different stages, and she is once again ready to go on after combating the exhaustion felt from the struggling fight.