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富邦內湖大樓 Fubon Neihu Building
內湖瑞湖街62號 (No. 62, Rui-Hu Street, Nei-Hu)
24 Hours(六、日除外) (Closed on Sat,Sun)    
作   品:請聽我說在移動時的遺忘與記憶
            Please Listen to Me Talk about the Forgotten and the Remembered from the Move
媒   材:陶 Ceramics
藝術家:胡慧琴 Hu Hui-Chin


Inside the AcquaBar, you can order from their plentitude of international mineral water selections. Besides the pursuit for a better wellbeing, it has also opened up a fashionable trend for drinking water. The emphasis for water also subtly shows people's earning to return to the natural. At the same time, the shop also sells a Taiwanese designed clothing line, Whiple. The line is made from Japanese raw materials with a style that is simple and comfortable. With such a superb taste for the natural, you can encounter in this space a creative artwork that is also striving for similar simplicity. Hu Hui-Chin's creative inspiration often comes from the natural environment and also her observations of the subtle interactions between people, and these inspirations inject her delicate and genuine works with a vibrant liveliness. The works not only emit the simple and sophisticated characteristics of the ceramic colors, they are also full of innocent child-like fun, and a captivating story is being told through them.