GREYONE ARSENAL引進全球最具話題性的街頭品牌,讓所有崇尚街頭服飾、熱愛次文化藝術的消費者,盡情飽覽與世界同步的次文化時尚精品,讓更多人了解街頭次文化的豐富性與多元創意,也讓次文化成為現代人生活的一部分。


Greyone Arsenal introduces the Street Brand, one of the most talked clothing lines in the world, so that all those people who love street fashion clothing or consumers with a taste for sub culture art can enjoy their fill of such things at the same time all around the world. This will allow even more people to appreciate the richness and diverse creativeness of Street sub culture and ensures that such sub cultures becomes an integral part of the lives of modern people.

By using detailed moving lines that started out life as graphic work as his creative material, Tang-Wei Hsu attempts to drag the lines into a spatial arena, infusing them with three dimensions and shape and what appear to be cell-like objects scattered over the three dimensional line shapes. Here, between abstract and representational, the imagination is even more powerful as if in another dimensional space. The artist uses this to produce a new sense of volume and more changes, infusing graphic lines with even more possibilities.

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