KOOLOOK 以前衛獨特的手工飾品為特色,由飾品設計師Look Lu一手打造的店家,除了自行製作手工飾品外,也代理國外的銀飾品牌,銀飾品在Koollook體現無限復活的可能性與生命力。

來自新加坡的藝術創作團體:phunk studio,創作範圍橫跨藝術、設計、時尚、電影、音樂及互動媒體,在跨領域的合作中展現他們的創作能量和生命力。:phunk studio 的作品歌頌著童年的回憶和想像,期待著回到童年的遊樂場去盡情享受馳承在雲霄飛車上的快感。以新加坡當地的虎豹別墅和迪士尼樂園為靈感,他們建構出一個供人遨遊的樂園,在樂園裡,有著看似熟悉的記憶景象,像舊地重遊般,隨著雲霄飛車高速的旋轉上升下降,進入到我們內心最深處的想望,還有那早已被遺忘不知道何時許下的夢想。

KOOLOOK is known for selling distinctive avant-garde handmade jewelry. The store is the brainchild of jewelry designer Look Lu and in addition to selling handmade jewelry produced by himself - it also acts as an agent for overseas silver jewelry brands. The pieces of silver jewelry displayed at Koolook are brought to life, infusing them with infinite possibilities and vitality.

The art group :phunk studio comes from Singapore and works in a creative field that includes art, design, fashion, cinema, music and interactive media. Cross-discipline cooperative ventures are one way in which the group showcases its creative energy and drive. Works produced by :phunk studio tend to eulogize childhood memories and imagination, expressing a desire to return to childhood playgrounds to breathe in the sheer joy of riding a rollercoaster. Inspired by Singapore’s own Haw Par Villa and Disney World, the artists construct an amusement park for visitors to wander around. In this park there are images of familiar memories, almost as if one is revisiting somewhere. As the roller coaster rises and falls at high speed it takes us our deepest inner desires and long forgotten dreams.


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