Faiyaz Jafri擅長創造一個極簡主義式的虛擬空間,其高度風格化的手法呈現人性的幽微對立面,不斷地挑戰我們的傳統觀念。他的作品怪異地結合孩子似的天真與炫人眼目的恐怖與幽默,卻又發人深省。他的創作結合天真與色情、暴力,東方與西方,恐懼與幽默,從這些對立面的元素和呈現手法,逼使觀者重新發現現代文明的人性。

Mobile Fawn(行動小鹿),這隻栩栩如生的小鹿,是人造與自然環境並置,呈現人類既違逆自然卻又擁抱自然的矛盾。鹿的體內是一個極科技、簡潔,宛如無塵室的起居室,將人造環境建構在此有機型態內,強化人與大自然的內在連結,而作品本身也是一台極致友善的移動生態屋。

Faiyaz Jafri specializes in creating a minimalistic virtual space. His highly stylized approach presents the contrast of humanistic humor, which constantly challenges our traditional views. His artworks peculiarly combines childlike innocence with dazzling horror and humor, yet it invokes a profound sense of enlightenment. His creations combine innocence with pornography, violence, the East and the West, fear and humor and from these contrasting elements and his presentation method, the viewers are forced to rediscover the humanity of modern civilization.

Mobile Fawn is the juxtaposition of nature and man-made environments. It represents the human paradox of defying nature and embracing it. By encapsulating the man made environment inside of a natural shape, keeping the integrity of the organic form, deepens the concept of man’s inherent connection with nature. The Mobile Fawn is the ultimate ecological friendly RV.


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