Fubon Art Foundation was established in 1997 by Fubon Group with an aim of sponsoring art-based events, promoting art education and enhancing quality of life through art. With our belief that one does not have to be a regular visitor to museum, art galleries, concert halls to enjoy art because that the pleasure of art is best experienced and appreciated in daily life.

Since founded, Fubon Art Foundation has organized and sponsored the following events :

1997 Art in Public Space I

1998 Art Fair I----The Fifth Element
Art in Public Space II----Heaven, Earth, Man
Art in Public space III----The Vibrating Soul
Art Fair II----A Salute to Jean Dubuffet
Art in Public Space IV----Gateway to Wisdom Land Ethic Exhibition

1999 Publication of Land Ethic Landscape Documentary
Art in Public Space V----Rite of Life
Art Fair III----Art, Technology, Regeneration
Art in Public Space VI----The Inextinguishable Vigor of Life

2000 Art in Public Space VII----Recording, Recalling International
Art Curators Visit Taiwan, China and Hong Kong Fubon
Art Lecture Series

2001 Very Fun Park Exhibition in Honk Kong
Very Fun Park Exhibition in Australia
Very Fun Park Exhibition in Taipei

Mission Statement
As a physical representation of the culture, thinking and taste of a particular area at a given point of time, art uniquely enables us to reflect on the past, enrich the present and build the future. The Fubon Art Foundation is aiming at:

1. Promote art education, giving to the dreams of local people interested in art and lifetime learning.
2.Make art an integral part of life by removing its elitist image.
3. Bring together resources for the sponsorship of art
4. Promote Taiwanese art to the global stage.
5. Construct a vision for art in the future.







Date : 25, August, 2001~30, September, 2001

Venue : The block across Alley216, Tun-Hwa S. Road to the intersection of Jen-Ai
Road and Civil Boulevard

Executive Committee: Fubon Art Foundation, Taiwan Cellular Corp., A.S.E
Cultural Foundation, The Eslite Bookstore

Planning Committee: Fubon Art Foundation

Co-executive Committee:

United Daily, A-Quei Website, Cans Art Monthly, Collection Monthly, Taipei Walker, Eslite Digital Technology, Mr. Pulo

Stores and buildings:
Buckaroo, Cafe Inn, C25, dv8, mod for hair, GEO ART, Private Selection, YAPˇI, Body Map, VVG Bistro, The Hobby Lover's Home, Taipei Florist, Ching Hsiang Chai, Acer Communications & Multimedia, BirdŁ»Taipei, Yi Chan Pub, UD Music Center, Emphasis, Fubon Banking Center, Fubon Life Building.

A Japanese house, a water tower and an idle site in the Eastern District of Taipei.

Major Sponsors: Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei, Fubon Insurance Corp, Acer
Pacific-Asia Ltd.

Curator: Rita Chang-Wu

Participant Artists: Chen Hui-Ju, Yao Jui-Chung, Den Hui-Fen, Wang Te-Ho, Lin Chien-Jung, Tao Ya-Lun, Pen Hung-Chih, Pan Ping-Yu, Liu Shih-Tung, Lee Ming-Jong, Shyu Ruey-Shiann, Lin Chun-Ju, Luo Hsiou-Mei, Huang Yu-Chih, Huang Yi-Min, Chen Hui-Ju, Chou Shih-Hung, Chao Shih-Chen, Tsai Hai-Ju, Yeh Yi-Li, Liu Chu-Lian, Mr. Red, Wu Dar-Kuen, Lin Shu-Min, Cola king, Chen Co-Min, Hsu Chia-Jung, Huang Ching-Yi, Hsieh Min-Wen, Fang Wei-Wen, Lin Hong-Wen, , Chung Shun-Ta, Kuo Wei-Kuo, Hsiao Sheng-Chien, Luo Jui-Lin, Huang Fang-Chi, Ling Fan, Chang Wang, Chen Chun-Ming, Den Hui-Fen

Hometown as the Last Stop
After the successful shows at the Hong Kong Arts Center and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts(PICA) in Australia, The ˇ§Very Fun Parkˇ¨ organized by the Fubon Art Foundation is being exhibited in Taipei this summer, sharing its overseas achievement with local people.

Synergistic Alliance
The success of the ˇ§Very Fun Parkˇ¨ in Hong Kong and Perth was in debt to many foreign sponsors. This summer, the joint of Fubon Art Foundation, Taiwan Cellular Corp, ASE Foundation and Eslite Bookstore formed an unprecedented art event organizing team in Taiwan. The alliance of different businesses for cultural affairs suggests that art in Taiwan's society is no longer a marginal issue.

With its electronic technology, Taiwan Cellular Corp will disseminate the messages broadcast from Very Fun Park to cellphone users creating a boundless art matrix. ASE Foundation is extending the show to Shih-Chih and Hsin-Chu after Taipei. Eslite bookstore, supportive of the arts community as ever, despite its evolution from bookseller to complex chain store also will be providing services. Their participation in this non-profitable event has brought warmth to the island during this economic cold front. Additionally, all the businesses, organizations involved in this show have provided valuable aids to the Very Fun Park.

A New Cultural Treasury Map
Contrary to the pure aesthetic space of Hong Kong Arts Center and the renovation of a historical site of PICA, the Very Fun Park is making use of the streets in eastern Taipei city. The thirty-six artists attending this exhibition have contributed various themes and materials to it which express a prosperous, plural cultural climate in Taiwan. Being an event on the streets, this exhibition also extends its concern to our urban spaces. In addition to the office buildings, shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants participating in the show, in order to respond to the issue of the redevelopment of idle spaces for art use by the Council for Cultural Affairs, the organizer is outlining twenty-seven overlooked spaces in this area. Such spaces include a Japanese style house, a water tower, the temporarily idled building of the UWCC Bank and an undeveloped parcel between Tun-hwa S. Road and Civil Boulevard. The audience could follow the map in the Very Fun Bag by riding a bicycle or by walking and seeking out each artwork installed in the labyrinth of alleys and lanes. This way of seeing the exhibition subverts the normal traffic patterns of the audience, it aims to remind people of their old memories of this area and, furthermore, hopefully inspires people to become reacquainted with the area and discover the cultural treasury this area has to offer from an entirely different spatial perspective.

Art is Everywhere
The East District of Taipei is familiar to everyone in Taipei, and it's where lovers encounter at the hands of writers. After the gloomy ten-year construction of the MRT, this area finally has resumed its shine. The organizer of the "Very Fun Park" is expecting to display the cultural energy of eastern Taipei ˘wit's more than a shopping center, instead it could become an eminent open space museum. Everyone who passes by is guaranteed to enjoy the fun we provide, feeling the limitless creativeness of the artists even if she/he is not a big fan of modern art.